Snuggle Sack


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Bed Size

Looking for a cozy and stylish way to give your furry friend the ultimate sense of safety and comfort? Look no further than our beautiful range of Cosy Sacks! Our Snuggle Sacks are the perfect place for your dog to snuggle into and keep warm, offering the ultimate sense of safety and cosiness.

Crafted from high-quality fleece fabric and lined with super soft and cozy lining, our Snuggle Sacks are designed to keep your pet warm and comfortable during their rest. And, with their chic and fashionable design, they look great in any household.

But what really sets our Snuggle Sacks apart is their ability to provide your pet with the ultimate sense of relaxation and burrowing. With their custom-made fit, your pet can truly relax and enjoy their rest, feeling safe and secure in their Snuggle Sack.

Don't settle for a boring pet bed. Order our Snuggle Sack today and give your furry friend the gift of ultimate comfort and relaxation!
Approx sizing

S - 19” x 22” [ideal for puppy miniature dachshund]
M - 22” x 28” [ideal for adult miniature dachshund]
L - 25” x 31” [ideal for adult standard dachshund]