Waterproof Tummy Dachshund Jumper



Introducing our latest addition to our jumpers range - the game-changing Waterproof Tummy Jumpers! Designed with dachshunds in mind, these jumpers are perfect for their low-to-the-ground bodies.

Stay stylish while keeping your dachshund warm and protected.

Our Waterproof Tummy Jumpers feature a unique waterproof tummy panel, providing unrivaled protection for your dachshund's sensitive belly. Say goodbye to wet surfaces and unpredictable weather - these jumpers have got your furry friend covered.

Luxurious Softness and Warmth

But it's not just about protection - we've also added a touch of luxury with wonderfully soft and warm fleece on top. Your dachshund will experience the ultimate comfort, feeling like they're wrapped in a cozy embrace wherever they go

Perfect Fit for Every Dachshund

At Chic Pup Co. we understand the importance of a proper fit. That's why our Waterproof Tummy Jumpers are available in our standard sizing options to ensure a great fit for most dachshunds. But if you're looking for that extra-special fit, we also offer made-to-measure options. Just let us know your dachshund's measurements, and we'll create a tailored jumper just for them.

Upgrade your dachshund's wardrobe with our Waterproof Tummy Jumpers and keep them stylish, warm, and protected on all their adventures.

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Available Colours:

Navy fleece and Navy waterproof

Red fleece and Red waterproof

Lilac fleece and Magenta waterproof

Purple fleece and Magenta waterproof

Black fleece and Olive waterproof

Green fleece and Black waterproof