Dachshund Puffer Coat


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Introducing the ultimate solution for keeping your beloved Dachshund warm, dry, and stylish during chilly weather - our Dachshund Puffer Coat! This exquisite jacket is crafted from durable, waterproof fabric and is insulated with a beautifully soft polar fleece lining, ensuring your furry friend stays cosy and dry even in the harshest of weather conditions.

But that's not all - our Dachshund Puffer Coat is tailored exclusively to your long-bodied companion's measurements, offering a flawless, snug fit that keeps them well-protected even on those rainy day walks. The stunning jacket is available in 18 colours, including solids and prints, allowing you to match your dapper dachshund's mood and style.

And the best part? Our Dachshund Puffer Coat isn't just limited to Dachshunds - it's also available to be made for all small to medium-sized breeds, ensuring that all dogs can enjoy the same level of comfort, style, and protection.So why wait? Treat your furry friend to the ultimate in comfort and weather protection with our Dachshund Puffer Coat today!.

● Waterproof and windproof exterior

● Machine washable and easy to clean

● Available in 4 lengths for a full-coverage fit

● Easily customise it by entering accurate measurements in the boxes provided

Please select body length closest to your required coat. Enter accurate measurments when purchasing. Follow our 'How to measure my dachshund' guide for any help.

HARNESS HOLES ARE NOT STANDARD - Please request a harness hole in the custom box