Summer Dog Sling


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Perfect Dachshund sling, and suitable for all small breeds. This dog carrier is lightweight and comfortable. Introducing the latest addition to our amazing Sling Range - our lighter and cooler version is everything you have been looking for during the hotter months!

Lined with bamboo fabric, this sling offers the benefits of cooling and breathability, mitigating the risk of overheating and making sure that your dog stays fresh, relaxed, and happy while on-the-go. The innovative use of bamboo fabric gives this sling a distinct edge, being lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly.

It's also incredibly easy to carry around - making it ideal for public transport or crowded places. If you have a sensitive pup who gets anxious in scary situations, our dog sling is just what you need! Suitable for small to medium sized Dachshunds and similar breeds. Contact us if you need to check sizing or have requests for bigger or small sizes. Dimensions listed below

✅ Helps anxious dogs feel more comfortable
✅ Soft, cool and comfortable material
✅ Easy to carry design

The Chic Pup Dog sling is an ideal companion for pooches that find long-distance walking difficult, become easily fatigued, or are aging, as well as for bringing them on public transport or into public spaces. This product is made from top-notch fleece, providing a soft and comfortable feel for your pup. It also helps with sensitive and anxious dogs, creating a calming environment even during tense moments.