Dachshund Snuggle Sack


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Introducing our new Colourful Paint Dots Collection of snuggle sacks. These snuggle sacks are not only crafted from high-quality snuggle fleece fabric but also lined with super soft and cozy sherpa fleece lining. Designed to keep your pet warm and comfortable during their rest, our snuggle sacks also boast a chic and fashionable design that will add a touch of style to any household.

Our Colourful Paint Dots Collection offers a range of beautiful new bright colour options. These vibrant and eye-catching designs will bring life and personality to your pet's space while ensuring they stay warm and cozy.

Our snuggle sacks are designed to provide your pet with the ultimate sense of relaxation and burrowing. The custom-made fit allows your pet to truly relax and enjoy their rest while feeling safe and secure in their Snuggle Sack. Give them a cozy and comforting space where they can unwind and recharge.

Shop our Colourful Paint Dots Collection of snuggle sacks now and give your furry friend the gift of cozy comfort in style. They deserve nothing but the best for their well-deserved rest.

  • S - 19” x 22” [ideal for puppy miniature dachshund]
  • M - 22” x 28” [ideal for adult miniature dachshund]
  • L - 25” x 31” [ideal for adult standard dachshund]

  • Made in Uk
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