Luxury Grey BioThane Collar & Lead Set



Marrying sophisticated style and functionality, our exquisite Grey & Light Gold BioThane Collar and Lead Set is the perfect choice for eco-friendly, fashion-forward pups. Carefully handcrafted in muted grey and gold colours, this dual-toned collar and lead set exudes timeless elegance with a contemporary edge. The brass-plated metal details glisten under the sun, adding a touch of opulence to your pet’s everyday look. The velvety, supple BioThane material isn’t just vegan but is extremely durable, too, ensuring that it remains beautiful even through the rigours of daily life.

● Robust, sturdy Chicago screws secure the collar and lead stronger than standard rivets

● Vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable material

● Waterproof and wear-resistant

● Available in 4 sizes for pets of all breeds

Size Guide:XS: 8” - 12” (16mm width)S: 10” - 14” (16mm width)M: 12” - 16” (19mm width)L: 15" - 19" (19mm width)Lead Length:Approx - 55" (standard lead length)